The rundown on what apple core software for PC can do for you

You already know just how wonderful apple core software is, the things it can do for you such as give you wider screen versus your phone, that it can actually help you out in a lot of things and the like. Well, it is also important to know the rundown on what the app can do for you so that you would be able to make full use of it. Here are some of the things that you can expect it to do for you.


The app itself would help you to record your own track with a microphone so it would be just like you have your very own tempo that you can record with a high-quality recorder. This would be truly something that is important especially if you want to make it sound like it is a professional sounding track mix.

Electric guitar

The electric guitar of the app is a custom-made guitar that you can even adjust the settings of. It is something that would be really useful for you in the long run and would totally be something to try about. It is something that can be used for different things like making your own song or a remix.

Different sounds

Just like a proper mixer, you will be able to make a lot of different sound by pressing different buttons as well as keys on your keyboard. The app has been especially made to tailor the requirements to suit and help your production of music, after all so you should have expected that all in all.

Press i

By pressing the i button, you will be able to get all those provisions right in the left side on your bottom screen. You can also sort things out on the keyboard provided by the garageband for PC app which will be an on-screen type of keyboard.