120ml Bottle E Liquid Flavors

The best thing that happened in the past few months is the release of the 120 ml bottle vape juices by so many juice lines around the world. This means that we now have more juice to enjoy for every purchase. This is especially true with the ones that always out of stock since people buy it all the time. Another benefit of this is that it is a lot cheaper if you are going to compare it with the smaller sizes. If you buy enough vape juices, you might end up saving money for another bottle.


Most of the famous juice lines are focusing on some flavors and are experimenting on the new ones. However, since the bigger bottles are pretty new, some of the flavors are not available yet. But this is easy so we just have to wait a little.

  1. Mentholated juices – a lot of people love mentholated juices. A lot of juice lines started releasing 100 ml bottles of these kinds and it is still not enough. The good news is that most of the famous juice lines are already releasing the mentholated juices. Most of them are fruity flavors since that is what goes best with mint.
  2. Coffee Flavors – if we are going to compare this with other flavors, then this is actually pretty new. There are some juice lines that have released it already in the past but the others are way older. However, people love it so most of the juice lines that have coffee flavors are not releasing 120ml bottle e liquid.
  3. Pastry Flavors – those who love sweets are always going for pastry flavors. These are one of the first kinds to be released in bigger bottles since they are always sold out. Most of the times, cheesecake and green tea cake flavors are the ones that people get.